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Web Hosting:


Are you a small, medium or large enterprise looking for a

quality and cost-effective solution

for your web site hosting?


We can help.


Did you know that with the very high cost of bandwidth in South-Africa,

international hosting is in fact much cheaper and will give you more benefits?


We offer web site hosting at very competitive rates!


Main Features

Premium Hosting Account

Multi-Domain Hosting






Monthly bandwidth

600 Gigabytes

Disk space

30 GigaBytes

FTP accounts


Detailed site traffic statistics


Email Features

POP3 email accounts


Outgoing mail (SMTP) services

Spam and virus protection


Secure SSL encrypted webmail

Webmail address books and calendar


24/7 server and connection monitoring

64-bit dual-core processors

Load balanced/redundant webservers

Mirrored content and database servers

Redundant fibre optic connections

Daily backups of all member data

Offsite storage of backup data

UPS and generator power backup


24/7 support staff

Secure datacenter

Quick security updates

File types


Adobe Shockwave

Adobe Flash

Allows frames

Custom error pages

Remote linking

Web templates


Visual editor

Website builder

27+ Free add-on tools

Frontpage publishing/extensions

.htaccess support

Server side includes

Gzip compression

PHP - Software

PHP 5 as a fastcgi

MySQL Databases (with replication)



PHP pear libraries

Support for common php packages like phpBB, phpNuke and many more no


Set-up fees


Free Domain Name1

1 month



3 months

$9.67/mo ($29.00)

R72.52/mo (R217.50)

1 year

$8.25/mo ($99.00)

R61.88/mo (R742.50)

2 years

$7.46/mo ($179.00)

R55.95/mo (R1,342.50)

5 years

$4.99/mo ($299.00)

R37.43/mo (R2,242.50)

1. Free when purchasing hosting for a term of one year or more (regularly valued at $8.95/yr) and will remain yours for the duration of this hosting account.

2. Rand values calculated at a value of R7.50 per $1.00. It may differ over time due to changes is exchange rates. Rates may be lower than those shown!

3. International hosting will not affect your website at all in a negative way. Distance and speed is no problem over the internet!


Bravenet is a Canadian Company,

currently hosting over 1.1 Million Websites!


If so many website owners trust Bravenet

with their business and websites,

can you afford not to trust them too!


Click on the banner below for more detail or to sign up now!



You are welcome to contact me if you need any more information.



Internet Web Design

Web Hosting

Desktop Publishing and Design

Multi Media CD's

Video Film Productions

Musical back-tracks